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Why it’s cool

It’s really frustrating when you discover your domain name has already been taken. Thankfully, you don’t need to deal with that here. Getspace offers almost all possible TLD – if one is taken, you can choose another one and still keep the name you want.

Easy management

Our domain control panel is designed for ease-of-use and allows management of all of its aspects. Change nameservers, set contact details, manage DNS records or use our forwarding services from one convenient location – with no hidden fees!

Automatic renewal

Your domain names will auto-renew by default. This will prevent it from accidentally expiring due to human error. Never worry about losing your domain name again!

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Other services.

Check now our main services.

SSD Hosting

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Tired of a slow loading webpage? We totally get you. The solution for you – 100% pure SSD. You’ll see, the lightning speed and performance are guaranteed. Plus, you’ll get a 100 GB Storage Cloud as a proper reward. Win-win!

WordPress Hosting

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You know the things you know. And we know how to make your WordPress page the most awesome one. Not kidding. Super speed, free SSL and backup restoration with a small reward – 100 GB Storage Cloud as a gift, just because… you’re awesome!


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It’s time to stop dreaming about fast speed and performance. It’s here. With pure SSD, unlimited traffic and even a free additional 100 GB Storage Cloud – we‘ve got you covered. Use it, love it, you deserve it.

Storage Cloud

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Stop deleting your files. Just save them online and access them from any device! From photos to documents – all can be SAFELY placed in your Storage Cloud. Plus, you won’t need to send things – you just share a link. Grab 50 GB for free and try it out!